Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Earn money from Youtube

Now earning money has become so easy as many famous website use to share their revenue to user.Same does Youtube.To earn money from youtube follow these steps.
1-Make account on youtube.
2-Upload some videos and wait some days until you videos views upto 500 times.
3-Check account settinmgs
4-there will be option of adsense.click on that
5-Now make a account on Google Adsense.
You are ready to earn now uploads as many videos as you can.On youtube there is maximum chance for clicking of adsense clicks because there are all types of users on facebook.Keep earning and enjoy it

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Web development in Pakistan

Web development and designing is now a passionable profession for many young students in Pakistan.Many institutes are offering this course.I am doing this course from PCC gharhi Shaho which is best for it.
Web development course content
1-Adobe Photoshop
5-Adobe Dreamviewer
First subject is Adobe Photoshop which is used for making Static remplate of Website.
Adobe Photoshop has two phase one is for printing media and other is for publushing media.Second software is Flash which is used to make animated template.And most important is Adobe Dreamviwewer which is web development software.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sitetalk has been failed

sitetalk entered into the social market as a revolutionary looking site but now it has been totally failed.Now its user are decreasing on daily basis,I don't think it will regain its position back as it has in past.Unaico ltd is trying best to enter in India and Usa but people are not getting any interest into it.
There are many reasons for this behaviuor,some are there,
1-Sitetalk has no impressive applications
2-people are more interested in Facebook than sitetalk.
3-Sitetalk earners are upgraded members not free so people are not intersted.
4-It is famous in poor countries where people adopt it due earning reasons.
                        I personally have invested 500 euro in unaico as i upgrade my account from Free to Bronze.I don't think they will give me back as there market collapse.